Conservation District Work Applications

Please see this important update from the City of Dallas:

We are requiring every Conservation District work review application be submitted electronically so all documents, including a completed copy of the CD application, will need to be uploaded into the City of Dallas online permit portal – ProjectDox (  For best results all use of Project Dox should be done while using Internet Explorer.  Please refer to the two guides linked below to complete the submittal process.


Here is a link to set up the application, making sure you select “conservation district” as the permit type in the drop-down menu.


Once you complete the application you will need to follow these instructions to upload the documents and complete the submittal process.  After uploading all your documents make sure you click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Upload Complete – Notify the City of Dallas” to finalize your submittal.  If you do not get the message “Congratulations! You have completed the submission of your plans”, you will need to go back and make sure you completed all the steps.


Please make sure to upload all drawing sheets in Landscape orientation.  Each drawing sheet (11”x17” or 24”x36”) should be uploaded individually, so if the review set of plans has 10 sheets you will upload 10 individual sheets into the drawings folder.  Accompanying documentation like photographs, window quotes, engineer letters, etc. that are multiple pages may be uploaded as a single document for each of those documents.


You will receive updates via email from ProjectDox letting you know where things are in the review process.  The turnaround on electronic plan submittals is still the same as when we handle them as hard copies, as we still review them in the order in which they are received, but you should hear from a reviewer within five to seven business days.