April Neighborhood Newsletter

🌟 Welcome April in Vickery Place! 🌷 Participate in city meetings, gather at The Smithy, and enjoy our VPNA Wine Walk. It's a month of lively community engagements! Don't miss out on the fun! 🍷🎉 Remember to sign up for our newsletter online!

Spring is in full swing, and so are the vibrant happenings in our beloved Dallas community! From crucial city meetings to social gatherings, we've got an exciting lineup of events that are sure to keep you engaged and connected with your neighbors. Don't miss out on the Forward Dallas Meeting where your voice matters most, or swing by The Smithy for our April General Meeting and Happy Hour to mingle with fellow Vickery Place neighbors. And mark your calendars for the Geneva Fun Run and our highly anticipated VPNA Wine Walk! Plus, let's not forget to celebrate our adorable Pet of the Month, Catniss and Roux, and admire our stunning Yard of the Month winner at 5401 Willis Ave. With so much going on, there's never been a better time to be part of the Vickery Place community! Stay tuned for updates, announcements, and all things Vickery Place. Happy April, neighbors! 🎉📅

New Dallas Water AutoPay - DallasGo

You likely got a letter in the mail letting you know that there is a new platform for paying your Dallas Water Bill, however - if you haven't taken action your AutoPay will NOT automatically transfer! Don't fall behind on your water bill - update your account info at : https://dallascityhall.com/departments/waterutilities/Pages/dallasgo.aspx

Forward Dallas Meeting - 4/3 @ 6pm

Join us at the Forward Dallas Meeting on Wednesday April 3rd at 6pm at Samuell-Grand Recreation Center. Your attendance is crucial.

This proposed city legislation poses a significant threat to Vickery Place, potentially bringing an end to its identity as a Conservation District. It is essential for residents to be informed and vocal about the potential impacts on our neighborhood's look and feel.

Your participation at the meeting is an opportunity to ensure that your voice is heard in shaping the future of our community.

More information at:


Additionally there are upcoming Town Halls:

Thursday, April 18, 2024, or Thursday, May 9, 2024

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

City Hall and Virtual

April General Meeting / Happy Hour - 4/4 @ 6:30pm The Smithy

Join your Vickery Place neighbors at The Smithy on April 4th at 6:30pm to socialize and learn how to get involved with the Neighborhood! This is your opportunity to tell us what you want to see happen in the neighborhood! Remember, Vickery Place Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA, we have no dues and are completely volunteer run! If you've got an idea or ability to pitch in, we want to hear about it! If nothing else, swing by for some happy hour drinks, free appetizers, and to meet your neighbors!

Great North American Solar Eclipse - 4/8 @ 12:23pm

2024 Total Eclipse path through Texas

On April 8, 2024, Dallas will be the largest city in the path of totality for the once-in-a-lifetime Great North American Eclipse. Expect traffic, tourists, and be prepared with proper eye protection!

Eclipse Timing (CST) – April 8

12:23pm — Eclipse begins
1:40pm — Totality starts
1:44pm — Totality ends
3:02pm — Eclipse ends

It is unsafe to view a solar eclipse without specialized eyewear. Viewing the sun directly or through a telescope, camera or binoculars can result in serious eye injuries.

Need Glasses?

  • Warby Parker on Henderson is giving away free pairs in-store.
  • Both the Perot Museum and Dallas Arboretum’s eclipse viewing events have reached capacity, according to their websites. The Perot will offer 35,000 free eclipse glasses at a viewing event at Klyde Warren Park.
  • The UTA planetarium will be holding an event during the eclipse where glasses will be available for purchase.
  • All seven of Dallas College’s campuses will hold eclipse viewing events with free eclipse viewers.
  • Several Dallas Public Library branches also will host eclipse viewing parties, with limited quantities of free glasses.

Can’t find eclipse glasses? No problem: There are several inexpensive ways to experience the eclipse.

A colander is used to indirectly view a partial solar eclipse.
A colander is used to indirectly view a partial solar eclipse.(Mary Urquhart)

Viewers can observe the eclipse indirectly by standing under a tree and looking at the shadow cast on the ground when the sunlight filters through the leaves. Poking a hole through cardboard or an index card, holding up a colander or cracker or intertwining fingers would produce a similar effect.

Additional events and information:

See the total solar eclipse of 2024 at one of these watch parties in Dallas-Fort Worth
Here’s a list of total solar eclipse watch parties planned in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding cities on April 8, 2024. North Texas will be a prime spot for…

Geneva Fun Run - 4/14 @ 1PM - Tietze Park

Thanks to generous Vickery Place Neighbors, VPNA is sponsoring the Geneva Heights Fun Run on April 14th, 1pm at Tietze Park. We strongly encourage our Vickery Place Neighbors to show up to show support or to run! We encourage our Run Club patrons to set the pace and show our competition why Vickery Place is #1!

🍷✨ VPNA Wine Walk - 4/27

We want to thank to each and every one of you who secured tickets to Wine Walk. Your enthusiastic response has been incredible, and we're truly grateful for your support.

With all 100 tickets quickly snatched up, we're gearing up for an evening filled with laughter, friendship, and, of course, fantastic wine. But beyond the excitement of the event itself, your contribution plays a vital role in shaping the future of our community.

The funds raised from Wine Walk will enable us to enhance our neighborhood in countless ways – from organizing engaging community events to supporting local initiatives that benefit us all. Your generosity ensures that Vickery Place continues to thrive and grow as a vibrant and inclusive community.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Let's raise our glasses to a night of celebration and togetherness, and to the bright future that lies ahead for Vickery Place.

Alley Oops: Dallas County plans to 'Bin' Trash Collection in Alleys

City Sanitation is considering removing Alleyway Trash Pickup and requiring we roll our cans to the street. While it is not official yet, you can voice your opinion in favor or against this decision with our council representative Paul Ridley.

Alley trash collection may end soon in Dallas - Lakewood/East Dallas
If city sanitation officials have their way, all trash will soon be collected at the street instead of the alley.

Pet of the Month - Catniss and Roux

This month's VPNA Pet(s) of the Month are Catniss and Roux! They will be receiving a generous gift basket custom curated just for them from our neighbor Dr. Benjamin Wright & his team at Lakewood Vet Center.

When the Collinses moved into their house on Bonita, the previous owners informed them that it also came with the responsibility of feeding a young feral cat whose family had been captured by animal control. They named her Catniss, but didn’t have much luck in gaining her trust. However, one day she marched in through an open back door and deposited her newly born kitten in their closet. (Yes, she only had one kitten and yes, they didn’t realize she was pregnant!) The kitten was named Roux and both mom and baby became their indoor/outdoor pets. Catniss and Roux both moved to Vickery Blvd. with the Collinses in 2020. You may still see Catniss roaming the streets, but good luck petting her. True to her name, she is still quite the escape artist. Roux on the other hand, can usually be found napping indoors. Be sure to also wish them “congratulations” for being VPNA’s Pet of the Month for April 2024!

Yard of the Month - 5401 Willis Ave

Congratulations to our April Yard of the Month winner, Taylor Wolf, at 5401 Willis Avenue and her roommate Kimberly Cadarette!  A California native, Taylor moved to Dallas in 2017 after graduating from TCU (proud flag displayed on the front porch!) and began working for the Dallas Cowboys as a Project Manager.  

Taylor lived in the Uptown and Fitzhugh area for years, but loved the Vickery/M Street area for the mature trees, friendly neighbors, and the walkability. During a walk in the neighborhood with her mom in July 2023, she saw a coming soon sign in the yard and acted fast to secure the house and cute front porch where she could see herself having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  She rarely uses her car on the weekends and loves walking to her neighborhood favorites – Fortune House, Wabi House and The Avenue to cheer on her favorite teams.

With yard goals focused on maintaining year-round greenery and bursts of color, Taylor's yard efforts, along with help from her landscaper (Pablo Landscaping 214- 622-1731) are succeeding, as her lush grass, resilient even in the face of extreme weather, attests. Pansies greet visitors at the front, while meticulously placed boxwoods, Ligustrum, and Japanese Maples adorn the landscape, framing the facade with natural beauty. 

Looking ahead, Taylor's green thumb shows no signs of slowing down. Her next endeavor - A garden brimming with herbs, veggies, and vibrant blooms—a nod to her California roots.  Thanks to our YOTM Sponsor, North Haven Gardens, she’ll receive a $50 gift card to get started.  Congrats Taylor!

We would like to thank Northaven Gardens for their ongoing support of Yard Of The Month.

2024 Event Calendar

Be sure to keep an eye on the Vickery Place Events page to keep your calendar up to date with all future VPNA Events! Please consider clicking the "+ Add to Google Calendar" to make sure you don't miss anything!

Notable Upcoming Events include:

  • VPNA Wine Walk
  • Neighborhood Happy Hour
  • General Meetings

Have something you want us to add? Let us know at [email protected]

Events - Vickery Place Neighborhood Association
Vickery Place is an historic neighborhood located near the heart of Dallas, a residential island in the center of the entertainment, restaurant and shopping districts of nearby downtown Dallas, Knox/Henderson and Lower Greenville Avenue

Monthly Book Club

Interested in joining the VPNA book club? We are a once-a-month group that meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Our next book is The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles.  Mark your calendars for April 11.  If you aren't able to make that date the book after that is Lost Horizon by James Hilton on May 9. 

If you have book suggestions to add to the list or otherwise want to get in contact, please reach out to [email protected] or visit the page below for more information

Book Club
Welcome to the VPNA book club. We are a once-a-month group that meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Our next meeting is January 11. January’s book is The School For Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan. February’s book is Collective Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer. The meeting will

You can opt-in to future communication by managing your email preferences at https://www.vickeryplace.com/#/portal/account/

Run Club

The VPNA Run Club is finding it’s stride this Spring! This isn't just about fitness; it's about building a stronger community, meeting new people, and creating something we all can enjoy. Meet us on Saturdays at 9:00 AM at the corner of Glencoe and Miller. We will be splitting into two groups, one group of walkers, and one group of runners.

If you have any questions, please call Ross at 214-215-9256. More information @ https://www.vickeryplace.com/tag/run-walking-club/

RPO Placard Update

If you live in the 56XX block of Vickery Blvd (south side), or the 56XX block of Goodwin Ave (north side), and are having trouble renewing or accessing a hang tag for Resident Parking Only (RPO), OR if you are interested in getting RPO for your block, here is some information from Dallas Parking Enforcement:

"The city selected a new contractor for parking management. This includes the management of the Resident Parking Only (RPO) program. The vendor is providing an on-line portal to allow residents to apply for their permits. The vendor will also be providing hang tags which are going to be different from the ones the current residents have. A letter is being written to inform the residents of the changes. This will also include a Frequently Asked Questions page. In the interim period, it is difficult to enforce the RPO areas because new residents were unable to register for the program".

Here is the web page for Parking https://dallascityhall.com/.../Pages/parking-management.aspx . The number listed is correct. The application for the creation of an RPO is on the webpage. The individual application/renewals will be handled on line once the system is initiated. Parking Permits and Licenses (dallascityhall.com)According to Scott Walton, Assistant Director over Parking enforcement, they plan on sending out letters in the next 2 weeks.

Kroger Community Rewards

During the Q4 period of 2023 we only had 23 households signed up for our Kroger Community Rewards. With nearly 1200 homes in Vickery Place, we can fund events like this month's donations to local Pantries with no effort every time you get groceries! If you shop at Kroger, please take the time to sign up below and a portion of your purchases go to supporting local schools, charity drives, and neighborhood events.

When you do your grocery shopping at Kroger, don’t forget there is an easy way to also support Vickery Place Neighborhood Association. VPNA is a registered charity with the Kroger Community Rewards Program. A few simple steps will help raise funds to support more neighborhood activities. https://www.kroger.com/account/communityrewards/

To Connect With Kroger Community Rewards:

• Sign into your Kroger Rewards digital account (or easily set one up if you do not already have an account).

• Select “My Account”.

• Scroll down to the ‘Community Rewards’ section of your account page.

• Select ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Edit’.

• Enter the name of the organization you wish to support.

• Select ‘Vickery Place Neighborhood Association’ and click on ‘Save’.

Any transactions moving forward using the card number associated with your Kroger digital account will be applied to the Community Rewards program. It takes about 10 days for the Community Rewards totals to begin displaying on your receipt. Vickery Place NA gets quarterly rewards payments—last quarter we received $44.22. The more neighbors who shop with Kroger and connect their digital account with Vickery Place, the more funds our organization will earn! Thank You!