Book Club

Welcome to the VPNA book club. We are a once-a-month group that meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. We LOVE to have new members, so if you've never been there are always new people. And you can still come, even if you don't finish the book.

Book for Aug 8 - Mastering the Art of French Murder (a lighter summer read) by  Colleen Cambridge

Book for Sep 12 - The Memory Police by Yoko Agawa

If you have book suggestions to add to the list, please include them in the RSVP sheet next to your name. 

We meet at 6:45pm.  
Below is a link to RSVP.  You can also reply to [email protected].

Google Doc

You'll only get one more email each month the week before we meet.  Please feel free to join even if you haven't finished the book. 

I will post each month's book the day after each meeting.

Andrea Hundley

If you aren't a Google Doc user, just email your response to me at the email above.