Yard of the Month - September 2023

5437 Bonita Ave - Jim and Georgia Shadduck

Congratulations to Jim and Georgia Shadduck on winning VPNA’s Yard of the Month for September 2023. We are thrilled to spotlight this fun couple and share what we learned from them!

The Shadducks moved onto Bonita Ave in Vickery Place in 2017, selecting their home intentionally because of its size, configuration, and proximity to the numerous location amenities within walking distance.  We had the pleasure of meeting Jim and Georgia at their home with their adorable dog, Sydney, rescued from (shout out!) Dallas SPCA, to learn more about their landscaping and gardening techniques and aesthetic.

Our YOTM committee fondly nicknames many of yards we spotlight and the Shadduck House quickly earned the moniker “Cute & Tidy” as the front is filled with nicely manicured perennials and shrubs, heat tolerant plantings, and a lush, healthy grass lawn. The back yard (which smells amazing, I must add) includes herbs and more of the lush green grass.  Jim and Georgia named a few of their favorite resources for us to share with all of you. They visit Ruibals.com , particularly the White Rock location at 7219 Grand Ave. for better selection and ease of parking.  They also recommend TexasBackyardLiving.com for custom patio coverings, built-ins, and other extras for your own outdoor living space oasis.

A Shadduck secret to outdoor plant health and longevity, particularly in a Texas summer, is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation doesn’t violate City of Dallas’s water restriction and conservation policies (SaveDallasWater.com ). Drip irrigation (ie soaker hoses, etc.) minimizes evaporation and delivers maximum hydration right to the soil. Not only is this tip good for our environment, but it might save you $450 should you not recall the day and time windows your address is permitted to water via sprinklers.

Thank you again to the Shadducks and Sydney for sharing their time and great ideas with us.  We are thrilled they chose Vickery Place to call home and we look forward to seeing what they do next to “Cute & Tidy”.

We also want to thank North Haven Gardens for being our monthly sponsor of Vickery Place’s Yard of the Month.  From our generous sponsor, Georgia and Jim will receive a North Haven Gardens gift card!