Yard of the Month - June 2023

5343 Richard Ave - Tayler & Sam Bragg

Tayler and Sam Bragg have only been our Vickery Place neighbors for a year and a half, but their hard work and loving attention to their yard already caught the eye of the Yard of the Month committee and we are thrilled to showcase them as our June 2023 winners!

Moving to the neighborhood in late 2021, this is the Bragg’s first house together. They were inspired to settle in Vickery Place after visiting friends who live on Vanderbilt Ave. Of course, we already know our neighborhood is special but the short commute to their respective workplaces and its proximity to some of Dallas’s best restaurants really sealed the deal.  One look at the beautiful Craftsman-style home on Richard, and they were in love.

So many details in the front and back yard of the Bragg home are worth writing about but some particularly unique elements include:

  • Work with what you have, not against it. Tayler and Sam’s home already had beautiful landscaping structure in place. Following a harsh winter and summer, they took advantage of the newly blank canvas and existing design and took it to the next level with their own selections of color and placement. Don’t redo.  Add to!
  • Embrace your full yard! One of their 1st projects, the Braggs installed a footpath and beautiful flowers that start right from the street. Though the parkway between our sidewalks and street technically belongs to the City of Dallas, consider including it onto your overall design to welcome your guests with literal curb appeal.
  • If 1 Japanese Maple is good, 6 are better! Be intentional about their placement and Japanese Maples can bring you easy color, texture, and vertical interest to your yardscape. With so many sizes, leaf colors and patterns to choose from, Japanese Maples are elegant additions that grow well in Vickery Place.  They thrive here so well, the vast majority of VP’s YOTM winners have at least 1 Japanese Maple in their yard.  Certainly not a requirement to win, but something easy to consider for your own designs.  

We always try to bring you a new lesson we learn from our YOTM winners and this month’s is a real keeper.  Preen!  Preen is a weed preventer available in many places, including Amazon, that really works! It won’t kill existing weeds that have already come up.  But it will prevent new ones.  Sounds almost too good to be true but we are taking Tayler’s word for it and picking some up for ourselves!

Thank you to Tayler for spending time with us and showing us around their beautiful yard.  We are thrilled to welcome the Braggs to Vickery Place and to feature them as June’s Yard of the Month winners.

Thank you, also, to North Haven Gardens for being our monthly sponsor of Vickery Place’s Yard of the Month.  From our generous sponsor, Tayler and Sam will receive a North Haven Gardens gift card!