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September 2022: Yard Tips and Tricks!

Great Lawn and Yard Resources for Summer and Year-Round!

One of our favorite things about Yard of the Month is the wisdom and knowledge our winners share with us to pass along to you, our Vickery Place neighbors. And though Labor Day is just around the corner, we all know Texas summer conditions persist much longer than the 1st days of school.

So, for those of you who (like us) are still just trying to keep our lawns alive, trees healthy, and maybe grow a colorful flower or two, below are some favorite resources from experts who share their bountiful knowledge freely so we may all have winning yards.

• Neil is a Texas landscaping legend and self-proclaimed lifelong “plant geek”

• His site offers free weekly e-gardens newsletters and links to the Neil Sperry Gardens Podcast.

• Books, plant and tree posters, and more are also available via his website along with recordings of

his radio broadcasts where listeners ask Neil for advise on specific concerns and questions.

• Started small as a turfgrass company, becoming a trusted regional resource for maintaining

successful Texas grass varieties.

• Their “Quick Seasonal Tips” page is a smart and simple to-do list everyone can use.

• Blog page posts new content regularly.

• As a resident of Texas, you must know about these state-wide experts for casual green-thumbs

and Master Gardeners alike.

• Handy “1-pagers” and checklists and guides available to download or screenshot for watering,

mowing, and lawn treatment. Spanish version of site easily available via home page.

• Exactly what it sounds like. Excellent advice and tools to be a smart user of this precious and

limited resource we all share.

• Subscribe to the digital newsletter and attend excellent hands-on classes to harvest rainwater,

make smart plant selections, how to prep your fall garden, and more.

• Jim Dutton, the “Total Home Improvement” source, offers guidance on simple questions to more

complex, including watering your foundation, decking materials, trees case, with a list of

contractors by metro that he has vetted to help you with your own projects

• Texas Home Improvement has a TV show, radio show, YouTube channel, blog, newsletter, a “Super

Podcast” and more. Catch Jim wherever is convenient for you!

We will be back next month with a fun and special October Yard of the Month. In the meantime, happy September to all of you and your green thumbs!

Your VPNA Neighborhood Beautification Committee,

Tory, Michelle, and Angela

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