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September 2021 - 5429 Miller Ave

Lisa and Jeremy Jones are originally from Canada and Atlanta, respectively, and are Vickery Place’s September 2021 Yard of the Month winners!

The couple built their beautiful dark blue Craftsman-style home at 5429 Miller Ave. in 2012 after meeting custom home builder, Ralph Miller. They toured a project Ralph was working on and loved what they saw. Lisa and Jeremy were living on Willis Ave. at that time and really enjoyed Vickery Place’s proximity to great stores and restaurants. Building on Miller Ave. allowed them to customize a new home and stay in the neighborhood they loved.

Lisa and Jeremy share their home with 2 sweet dogs, Banjo, and Zuppa. Dogs are a big part of the Jones’s home-life AND work-life as they own Barking Hound Village ( a luxury dog hotel with 3 locations in Dallas. (D Magazine printed a nice focus piece about Barking Hound Village in their July 2017 issue, if you’d like to learn more.)

The Jones won Vickery Place’s Yard of the Month 5 years ago and were thrilled to learn they won again for September 2021. Lisa and Jeremy kindly shared with us how they maintain a 2-time winning yard. Some things we recently learned from Lisa and Jeremy include:

  • When building (or remodeling) try to work around your existing trees as much as possible. Mature trees really elevate the look of a home’s landscaping, not to mention it’s good for Mother Nature.

  • Find a professional gardener that you trust and will work with your preferences. The Jones have been working with Juan Carrillo (214.650.6107) for years and credit much of the design and beauty of their landscaping to Juan.

  • Plants that really thrive for the Jones include Caladiums, Impatiens, and Pentas in their south-facing beds. Vitex “butterfly trees”, Crepe Myrtles, and several stately Oaks in the front yard. Purple Scaevola or “fairy fan flowers” work well with Caladiums in their elevated planters.

  • Be open to seasonal plantings, adding Pansies and Tulip bulbs in the Fall make a for a colorful Winter and beautiful Spring.

We want to thank Lisa and Jeremy for being such gracious hosts during their interview and for their continued efforts in keeping our neighborhood beautiful. Please join us in congratulating Lisa, Jeremy, Banjo, and Zuppa on their (2nd!) Vickery Place Yard of The Month win for September 2021!

We also want to send a big thank you to Northaven Gardens for their sponsorship and for the $50 gift card they generously award our winners!

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