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Sept 2019: 5351 Vickery Blvd

5351 Vickery Blvd is September’s Vickery Place NA’s Yard of the Month. This splendid Craftsman home is 100 years old and holding age very nicely after an update seven years ago that extinguished one of the two front doors, but added touches of xeriscaping and interesting plantings to the front yard that belie the age of the property. Trent and Susie Wolf live here with Teddy the Shih Tzu and Katinka, a Brussels Griffon.

River stones neatly edge the driveway and front with concrete boxes of crushed black granite holding Juncus grass. Juncus grass is really a rush that loves the sun and does well in North Texas. Flanking the walkway are two Tanyosho pines with their soft green umbrella canopies and pompom needles clumps. Dwarf green pittosporum, lavender white kaleidoscope abelia , “Plum Delight” loropetalum, camelia japonica and vinca flowers fill the borders and add interest year round. Uplighting in the trees and downlighting for the beds frame the picture-perfect setting.

Wise choices and the help of a longtime trusted gardener have left Susie and Trent with few regrets or redos in their planning. Tanyosho pines have many branches, are slow growing and over time become even more lovely-just like the Craftsman at 5351!Congratulations Susie and Trent. As Yard of the Month, you will receive a $50 gift certificate from North Haven Gardens where Master Gardeners stand ready to help with landscaping needs large and small.

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