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Passing the Torch

Thank you, Vickery Place. For six years my able partner with camera eye, Debbie Simurda and I have roamed your streets looking for yards that represent the integrity of Vickery Place. We resolutely searched for yards that displayed care and creativity, the spirit of the neighborhood nad personal involvement. We cherished those moments we caught a candidate working in their yard. We have commiserated with neighbors over their garden's ice damage, Texas summers and rose blight. We have met world travelers, homebodies, artists, musicians and stewards of the Little Library. All this to find the perfect Yard of the Month. What a grand place our neighborhood is!

Editor Alun Urquhart has been patient and forgiving with deadlines. Thank you Alun an your lovely Selena. Without you there would be no newsletter. North Haven Gardens generosity is unparalleled, donating thousand of dollars in gift cards for winning yards through the years.

Now it is time for Debbie to set her camera on the shelf for me to lay my pen aside. We are turning over the Yard of the Month column to two new ladies: Tory Marpe and Barbara Kratus. Welcome Tory and Barbara, we leave you with a bounteous collection of candidates in a neighborhood like no other.

Mary Kay Henkley

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