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October 2022: 5207 and 5209 Vickery

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Congratulations to our co-winners for October – David and Ashli Maddux of 5207 Vickery and YOTM veterans, Jason and Mary Spencer of 5209 Vickery! These two families show what our neighborhood is all about – community and being a fun, great place to live.

When David and Ashli were looking for a new neighborhood to move into they were driving around and noticed Jason and Mary taking down Halloween decorations with their two daughters, and, the house next to them was for sale. Ashli, also passionate about Halloween and mom to two daughters, rolled down the window and yelled out “do you like living in this neighborhood?!” Weeks later, they were moving in.

Soon after, Ashli became the brains behind their Halloween collaboration, coming up with the idea of skeletons crawling along both of their houses. It was easy to convince Jason, the decoration enthusiast, to join in, so next, it was convincing David, the builder, to make it possible – and Mary took on the role of cheerleader, entertainer and beverage maker.

When asked about the passion for Halloween, both families had similar answers. It’s the kickoff to fall which means cooler weather, football and the start of holiday season – a great time to be in Dallas with family and friends and a great time to live in Vickery Place.

Thank you to our sponsor, North Haven Gardens, who generously donates a $50 gift card to Yard of the Month winners! It’s time to plant your fall garden and they’ve got the experts to help you do it!

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