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November 2022: 5609 Vickery

One of our favorite things about Yard of the Month is meeting folks who move to Vickery Place and then around Vickery Place, because it’s too great to leave! Our lovely neighbor, Charlotte Comer at 5609 Vickery Blvd., originally moved to the 5500 block of Vickery in 1990 with her now late husband Ed. In 2000, Charlotte moved into her current home on the 5600 block. Over their 50 years together, Charlotte and Ed enjoyed making their VPNA homes their own.

A lifelong artist from a family of creatives and makers, Charlotte’s professional interior designer eye and touch ( can be seen everywhere in and around her home. Charlotte holds a design degree from TCU and takes personal inspiration from the beautiful gardens of France (not England!). She transformed her front yard into the stunner that caught this committee’s eye and her backyard into a personal sanctuary full of clean lines, dramatic textures and amazing art installations.

We’ve never seen anything quite like Charlotte’s backyard. With the help of the late landscape designer, Rebecca Winn, they created a space full of lush trees and plants that only bloom white. Though visually dramatic, the front and back yards were designed to be easily maintained by this global traveler. If, like us, you’ve never seen paintings and sculptures in someone’s personal yard, please take a look at the included photos. Charlotte had artists’ works printed on metal to be hung in her own outdoor gallery. Luckily, Charlottes’ son in law is a famous artist too ( and created the magnificent tree sculpture in the very middle.

And, for those who are fans of the giraffe vine sculpture that also lives at 5609 Vickery Blvd. you will be happy to know it is only on a small break, recovering from the major freeze event of early 2021. Having fallen in love with giraffes while on safari in Kenya, Charlotte is just as excited as we are to see it back to its full glory.

We’d like to thank North Haven Gardens for their sponsorship VPNA’s Yard of the Month and gifting Charlotte with a $50 gift certificate! Congratulations again, Charlotte!

We will be back next month with December Yard of the Month. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and healthy out there, neighbors.

Your VPNA Neighborhood Beautification Committee,

Tory, Michelle, and Angela

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