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November 2021 - 5400 Vickery Blvd.

Yard of the Month – November 2021

If your dog has ever insisted on walking to the intersection of Glencoe and Vickery for a biscuit out of the outdoor treat box on that corner then you’ve likely seen the beautiful yard and the lovely “Creole Cottage” style home of Taylor and Dylan and their sweet dog, Molly. The Leonoudakis family has been hosting the very popular dog stop in Vickery Place for 1.5 years and it is a fun focal point in November 2021’s yard of the month.

Dylan and Taylor moved to Vickery Place 10+ years ago after meeting in college and falling in love. They initially rented on the 5200 block of Vickery (where they became engaged in the backyard!) while patiently waiting to buy the house of their dreams. That magic moment happened in spring of 2021 when they moved into 5400 Vickery Blvd. Shortly after, Taylor and Dylan got right to work turning the outside (and inside!) of their new home into the lush and elegant Louisiana-inspired homestead that we see today.

The freeze event in early 2021 offered many of us in Vickery Place an opportunity for a fresh start to landscaping. Taylor seized the blank slate and replanted her corner lot with evergreen trees, bushes, and plants creating a lush and cool-feeling environment. She adds pops of seasonal color to pots and containers creating an additive feel as opposed to distracting from the overall look. Some of the green-forward plants gracing the north and west-facing sides of the yard include a loquat tree, hydrangeas, boxwoods, ferns and palms.

Some great tips we enjoyed learning from Taylor and Dylan include:

  • Don’t buy new if you can build it! Dylan designed and built all of the patio furniture that graces their elegant wrap-around front porch. It looks very high-end and reflects the perfect the color, measurement, and style for their taste.

  • If you love the signature landscaping of a specific place then take loads of pictures of it and work with a professional landscape designer to replicate the perfect look adapted for north Texas climate and soils. Both being alums of LSU and loving the look of the stately homes in New Orleans, Taylor and Dylan brought a Louisiana look and feel into their Dallas yard.

  • Make easy work of frequently watering thirsty pots and plants like Boston Ferns with a flexible airline tubing irrigation system. It can run independently, easily adjust and be concealed from view.

  • Since shipping delays are currently impacting delivery of all kinds of home items, from raw materials to new furniture. Consider recovering or reframing items you already own or even building your own. Talented artisans and design professionals around Dallas can help you bypass the uncertainty and delays of buying new. For example, Taylor and Dylan trust Frame & Décor on Greenville Avenue to reframe their favorite art pieces and a furniture professional to recover 2 favorite living room club chairs.

Congratulations to Taylor, Dylan, and Molly Leonoudakis of 5400 Vickery Blvd. for being our November 2021 Vickery Place Yard of the Month winners!

We also want to send a big thank you to Northaven Gardens for their sponsorship and for the $50 gift card they generously award our winners!

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