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March 2022 - 5303 Richard Ave.

5303 Richard Ave.

Yard of the Month – March 2022

With spring just around the corner, we are thrilled to see so much life and color coming back to the homes and yards of Vickery Place. Going the extra mile to keep their corner lot beautiful on all sides are 2022’s 1st YOTM winners, Kaleigh and Russell Walker at 5303 Richard Ave! Congratulations!

Kaleigh, a real estate agent and yoga instructor at and in Lakewood (private lessons available!) and Russell, a manufacturing executive specializing in high-end wood floors, moved to Vickery Place in April 2021 from East Dallas. They were looking for more space, a convenient commute, and walkable access to vibrant restaurant and bar options. They were already familiar with 5303 Richard Ave. so when it became available they knew their search was over. The Walkers have 2 dogs, Winnie and Lucy and they all enjoy the elegant indoor/outdoor space they now all call home.

Russell is the “green thumb” but both of our neighbors have an eye for beauty and design. Their selections of plant life both indoor and outdoor are nothing short of stunning. Russell strongly favors organic gardening. He agrees it is more work, but he affirms it is “worth it”. His secret is and strongly recommends Worm Tea from Russell clearly knows what he’s talking about and we think the photos around the Walker home speak for themselves.

Some great tips we enjoyed learning from Kaleigh and Russell include:

  • No room for greenhouse but you want to keep potted plants healthy all year long? Consider grow lights. LED grow light panels are available on Amazon and hardware stores. And what grow lights cost in electricity can offset the cost and time of replacing your prize perennials or favorite producing plants.

  • Give yourself a full year to learn the changing sun patterns of your lot so the sun requirements of your plants matche what that space in your yard receives. If they don’t match, consider putting your plants on wheels for easy sun chasing.

  • Know your local resources and where to go for what:

  • North Haven Gardens is super knowledgeable, great local offerings, and our VPNA Yard of the Month sponsor. Check out for information about their Rose Weekend coming up March 26-27, 9am-6pm.

  • in Mesquite is great for flats

  • for herbs

  • Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse for tropicals and houseplants (must have a wholesale license to buy)

  • Circle G Nursery, 1300 California Crossing Rd, Dallas, also wholesale

Congratulations to Kaleigh, Russell, Lucy, and Winnie Walker of 5303 Richard Ave. for being our March 2022 Vickery Place Neighborhood Association Yard of the Month winners!

We also want to send a big thank you to Northaven Gardens for their sponsorship and for the $50 gift card they generously award our winners!

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