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March 2021 - 5307 Belmont

5307 Belmont is a beautifully-designed modern home with a stunning xeriscape in the front and a tropical retreat in the back. When Eira and David moved back to Dallas, they designed their home and landscaping in a way that surrounds them with smart, serene, environmentally-friendly plants and trees they could maintain themselves and enjoy all year long.

Not only is the yard beautiful in the hot Texas weather but it survived the freeze, ice, and snow we all experienced mid-February 2021 like a champ! By double-wrapping the agaves and thoroughly covering the potted plants, Eira and David successfully protected most of their hard work from succumbing to sustained record-setting single-digit temps.

In the front yard they planted:

  • Whale’s Tongue agave

  • Chaste trees (Vitex)

  • Desert Willow trees

  • Red Yuccas

  • Color guard yucca with a variegated opal century plant

  • Sunshine ligustrum

  • Mexican feathergrass

In the front planters are:

  • Horsetail reeds

  • Agave Havardiana

In the back around their salt-water pool and pergola-covered deck are:

  • Cross vine

  • Sorrel, Rosemary, and other edible annuals

  • Tree-pruned holly

  • Bamboo

  • Eagleston Hollies

  • Crimson Queen Laceleaf Japanese maple

Yard Tip(s): Our Belmont neighbors shared many excellent tips for success in growing cactus and other weather-tolerant plants, including 1) prepare your beds with appropriate irrigation and drainage, 2) invest in good tarps and coverings to properly protect plants through hard freezes, 3) consult your local experts (their go-to is North Haven Gardens! ) and 4) use the right tools. Eira uses a Hori Hori knife to not only prune her plants, but also dig easily into the Texas soil around their house. A gift from her father, Eira says her Hori Hori knife makes pruning and planting much easier.

Congratulations to Eira and David on winning Yard of the Month for March and many thanks to North Haven Gardens for their sponsorship. Eira and David will receive a $50 gift certificate from North Haven Gardens to continue their landscaping success!

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