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February 2021 - 5434 Vickery Blvd

When Wes and Laura moved to Dallas, they wanted a beautiful, single-family home in a great neighborhood. That is exactly what they found when they bought their newly-built 5434 Vickery Blvd in Vickery Place in 2017.

Having lived in a number of great cities, Wes and Laura appreciate landscapes filled with plants local to the climate and soils. So, after the unfortunate demise of an old tree around which the house had originally been built, the couple redesigned a drought-tolerant, Texas heat-loving front scape full of yuccas, agaves, sago palms and a beautiful Bearded Yucca in an elegant bed of crushed granite. As a matter of fact, several of the smaller agaves growing now were “pups” propagated from their original parent plants.

Beautiful design stretches into their backyard as well. One of many custom elements is a beautiful succulent wall Wes built to screen their pool equipment. (See photo.) It’s a smart design doing its job with elevated style. The nature-loving family hung hummingbird houses in magnolia trees along their fence line to encourage birds to visit and maybe stay a while.

We admire the results of Wes and Laura’s work and the dramatic beauty and smart design it adds to our great neighborhood. Their eco-friendly, self-sustaining design is another reason why 5434 Vickery Blvd. is our smart and beautiful Yard Of The Month for February. Congratulations to our Vickery Place neighbors!

Landscaping Tips:

We learned a number of great tips from Wes and Laura, including:

  • Use a leaf blower to quickly clean out large succulent beds to save your hands from prickly needles.

  • Some plants propagate “pups” when healthy and happy in their environment. When planting a new pup, try to do so in similar growing conditions (sun, water, bedding, etc) as the parent plant.

  • Japanese maple are beautiful additions to a landscape so take time to find a variety that fits your specific space. Wes and Laura selected a Bloodgood Maple to bring long-lasting color to a small side bed.

We’d like to express our continued appreciation to North Haven Gardens for their support of our Yard of the Month program. Our winners receive a $50 NHG gift card to continue their gardening pursuits! #northhavengardens #wewillbloomagain

Love reading Yard of the Month? Why not join us?! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and get a private tour of the best gardens in Vickery Place. Involvement includes scouting yards, taking photos, and writing articles. If you’d like to join the Vickery Place Yard of the Month committee, please email ​

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