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August 2021 - 5535 Richard Ave

In 2017 Elena Squiric and Zachary Littleton, then newlyweds, moved into the beautiful blue craftsman-style home at 5535 Richard Ave. They, with their 2 dogs Bindi and Lady Bird, can now also call their place award-winning as they are this month’s Vickery Place Yard of The Month winners!

Elena and Zachary have been quite busy since moving in, making numerous improvements including removing walls inside, remodeling the primary bathroom, and building a pergola in their backyard. But what caught our eye was their lush and colorful front landscaping. Hoping to set a serene “meadow” feel, the couple added salvia, lantana, and plumbago(?) to the rose bush and rosemary plant that were already thriving. We think they nailed the look they were going for and all of the happy honey bees that visit all of the blooms in their front beds appear to also agree.

Elena and Zachary did their research to learn what grows well in our zone before doing their planting. Elena also reaches out to the experts at for tips and suggestions on what to plant, where to plant, and how much to water.

Some tips we learned from Elena and Zachary include:

  • Reaching out to local experts is a suggestion we hear from many of our YOTM winners, including Elena and Zachary. Find one that you trust and let them help you.

  • Be patient when growing larger plants. Some grow slower than you’d expect so give them time.

  • Pay attention to how much you water and when. It takes time to get it right but it’s worth the effort.

  • Bees love rosemary and salvia. Plant more for them, if you have room.

Congratulations to Elena and Zachary on their Vickery Place Yard of The Month win for August2021. We also want to thank Northaven Gardens for their sponsorship and the $50 gift card they award to our winners!

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