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April 2021 - 5624 Goodwin Avenue

Back in 2007, Brooks and his brother Bradley had a law office on Greenville Avenue when Brooks got the call from his realtor - “I think I’ve found you a place….look out your office window!” Opening the blinds, Brooks saw his realtor not even a block down Goodwin, waving at him. “I walked down there, took a look around and said this is it!”, according to Brooks. At the time, the house needed some TLC, but Brooks was about to launch an ambitious career change, going from practicing law to opening several beloved restaurants including neighborhood favorites Veritas Wine Bar and Rapscallion which took all of his time.

Fast forward to 2012 when he started dating Kate and looked around the house and thought “it’s time”. This said, Brooks told Kate, “we can move anywhere you want, as long as it’s within one mile of here!” And so started the renovation! The perfect blend of the bucolic neighborhood feel with great trees and great neighbors tied with the urban feel of being able to walk up to restaurants, coffee shops and more is what Brooks, Kate and their son Xander love about their home.

When they learned they won Yard of the Month, Brooks was quick to quip, “are you sure it’s not most improved yard of the month?” But it’s the seasonal color of pansies, tied with all of the special little touches like the number sign on the tree and Xander’s adorable swing that really caught our eye!

We’d like to express our continued appreciation to North Haven Gardens for their support of our Yard of the Month program. Brooks and Kate will receive a $50 NHG gift card to continue keeping their yard looking great and that smoker on point! #northhavengardens #wewillbloomagain

Love reading Yard of the Month? Why not join us?! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and get a private tour of the best gardens in Vickery Place. Involvement includes scouting yards, taking photos, and writing articles. If you’d like to join the Vickery Place Yard of the Month committee, please email

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