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5215 Vickery Blvd

One of our favorite things about the Yard Of The Month search is taking in all the effort and time our neighbors put into making Vickery Place one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Dallas. We would like to thank Nikki and Steven for their four years of hard work and commitment to making their 1st home together such a charmer AND congratulate them for turning their front yard at 5215 Vickery into our selection for July’s YOTM. Winning YOTM had been an aspiration for the Leguizamo’s since moving to VPNA in 2018. Their labors of love have not gone unnoticed. Nikki and Steven share their home with young son Logan and Sunny the dog. The youthful spirit in and around their home is reflected in fun yard art they’ve found at Dallas’s Farmers Market. A metal rooster, caterpillar and ceramic owl keep watch over custom landscaping, plants, trees, flowers, and pollinators throughout the front scape. The Leguizamos enjoy spending time outside on their giant front porch swing, meeting neighbors who walk by and ask about their beautiful front yard. They installed the swing right after moving in four years ago and installed a full irrigation system shortly after. We couldn’t help but mention that the same system also provides drip irrigation for the large wooden planter boxes on their front porch. Smart!

Like us, our fellow yard farmers might notice that the most glorious VPNA yards are maintained by the dwellers themselves. A passion for creating a perfect space can bring great fulfillment to those who make the commitment to do it. It also seems to bring out a healthy level of friendly competition among neighbors! Steven and Nikki live next door to 2-time VPNA YOTM winner, at 5209 Vickery Blvd. Not to be outdone, the Leguizamo’s looked at other front yards in the neighborhood and asked fellow yard artists for tips and connections. It paid off and the Leguizamo’s add 1 more YOTM win to the 5200 block of Vickery! Note: a little bird has told us to keep our eyes out as one of their neighbors recently asked Nikki and Steven for the number of their “guy with a truck”. More to come! So, whether you are swapping your grass from Saint Augustine to Bermuda, perusing Rubials, Callaways or North Haven Gardens (yay!) for your next flat of inspiration, or aspiring to become VPNA’s next YOTM winner, it’s all appreciated by us. Nikki and Steven have proven that a passion for home beautification and friendly neighborhood competition benefits us all with a visual display we can all appreciate and enjoy. Congratulations again to Nikki and Steven for their July YOTM win! We also want to send a big thank you to North Haven Gardens for their sponsorship and for the $50 gift card they generously award our winners!

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