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Storm Debris Removal Progress

The Department of Sanitation Services has been working 6-7 days per week to collect more than 400,000 cubic yards debris left behind from the May 28, 2024 storm. Sanitation is on track to complete the first storm debris pass citywide by July 26, which is within its committed 60-day window.

 Storm-related cost estimates for Dallas County are approaching threshold requirements for public assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which may provide Federal grant assistance (on a reimbursement basis) to local governments for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned facilities. For this reason, the previously announced 20 cubic yard limit for storm debris collection has been lifted. 

Customers that previously set out more than 20 cubic yards which was collected by Sanitation before this change will not be billed.

 Sanitation also continues to take the following steps to speed up debris collection:

1. Contractor assistance: Sanitation has more than tripled its typical collection capacity with assistance of contractor crews.

 2. Temporary Debris Storage and Reduction Site (TDSRS): Sanitation put up a TDSRS on City-owned property at 12000 Greenville Avenue to allow for quicker disposal trips to and from Dallas neighborhoods, reducing collection time for debris in neighborhoods.

3. Public Outreach and Engagement: Sanitation launched a webpage, accessible from Dallas.gov/Sanitation, with detailed information for residents, including a map showing the areas where collection crews are currently working, and where they will be going to next.

Sanitation has asked its customers to hold non-storm-related brush and bulky items until storm debris collection is complete. This is to facilitate compliance with FEMA guidelines. 

Sanitation Services May 2024 Storm Debris Collection

Block Captains

The VPNA Board is looking to refresh the neighborhood Block Captains and want your feedback! If you are interested in getting involved and meeting your neighbors, let us know!

Traditionally, Block Captains have primarily delivered the Welcome Wagon information but we want to expand that role! If you are currently a Block Captain and want to continue, or are totally new to the idea - Sign up below and we will be in touch!

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July Pets of the Month - Leo & Mia

Leo & Mia Kaufman

This month's VPNA Pets of the Month is Leo & Mia! Leo & Mia will be receiving a generous gift basket custom curated just for them from our neighbor Dr. Benjamin Wright & his team at Lakewood Vet Center.

Leo and Mia Kaufman live at 5427 Miller with their mom and dad, Peter and Beth. They are both Cavapoos (half Cavalier and half Poodle), but Leo is twice as big as Mia. Leo enjoys resting under the coffee table or the master bed while Mia will rest in between sessions of chase and grrrr (tugging on anything someone else is holding). Something secret about Leo is that he loves to watch the feral kittiesthat come into our yard, while Mia’s secret is that she snores super loud. When not at home, both doggies love the day care and boarding at Barking Hound Village!

Yard Of The Month

School's out for summer, but the brains of VPNA aren't taking a vacation—they're diving into the greenery! 

As temperatures soar, mastering the art of garden wizardry becomes crucial. From nurturing lawns to creating landscapes that beat the heat, here’s where you can sharpen you green thumbs and outsmart the scorching sun. 

North Haven Gardenshttps://www.nhg.com/

• Take a class: https://www.nhg.com/calendar/   

• Read up: https://www.nhg.com/guides/

• Online learning: https://www.nhg.com/video-library/

• Hire a tutor: https://www.nhg.com/landscape-concierge-service/

Dallas County Master Gardeners: https://dallascountymastergardeners.org/

• Take a class: https://dallascountymastergardeners.org/event-calendar-2/

• Read up:  https://dallascountymastergardeners.org/get-help/gardening-resources/

• Earn a “Degree”: https://dallascountymastergardeners.org/about-us/become-a-master-gardener/

Water Conservation:


Beautiful classrooms


Back to college:

• https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/

• https://dallas-tx.tamu.edu/

Curate your own curriculum:


Remember, while you're busy mastering the garden, don't forget to have some fun under the sun—and make sunscreen your new best friend! 

Soak up the knowledge and enjoy a thriving garden season ahead,

Your VPNA Yard of the Month Committee

Dallas Summer Water Restriction Reminder

Watering Schedule

Watering Lawns is restricted between 10am-6pm and only allowed on specific days of the week depending on your address.

2024 Bond Projects

As we see certain projects in the city move forward while others don't, it's natural to wonder how the process works. Most repairs and improvements are done via Bond Packages. The QR code below gives more details about projects in Vickery Place, as well as other neighborhoods in District 14.