Due to COVID-19, VPNA will not hold events for the remainder of 2020
(or until further notice)
No upcoming events at the moment
General Meetings and Board Meetings

March 19: Board Meeting (online)

April 15: General Meeting (cancelled)

April 23: Board Meeting (online)

May 16: General Meeting (cancelled)

May 21: Board Meeting (online)

June 9: General Meeting (cancelled)

June 18: Board Meeting (online)

July 18: General Meeting (cancelled)

July 28: Board Meeting (online)

August 11: General Meeting (cancelled)

August 20: Board Meeting (online)

September 8: General Meeting (cancelled)

September 17: Board Meeting (online)

October 6: General Meeting (cancelled)

October 22: Boarding Meeting (online)

November 10: Annual General Meeting / Elections (online)

November 19: Boarding Meeting (online)

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