Vickery Place

PO Box 720192

Dallas, TX 75372

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Don't miss our upcoming events
Wed, Apr 15
School Board Discussion (cancelled)
The VPNA will invite candidates for the school board to discuss their concerns and priorities.
Sat, May 16
Wine Walk (cancelled)
Get to know your neighbors! The annual wine walk is a casual event involving three stops at Vickery Place homes to enjoy some wine and great discussion. Proceeds of the wine walk fund the VPNA and excess funds are donated to local schools and charities.
Tue, Jun 09
Dallas, TX, USA
June General Meeting (TBD)

15 Apr

16 May

9 Jun

General Meetings and Board Meetings

March 19: Board Meeting (online)

April 15: General Meeting (cancelled)

April 23: Board Meeting (online)

May 16: General Meeting (cancelled)

May 21: Board Meeting (online)

June 9: General Meeting

June 18: Board Meeting

July 18: General Meeting

July 28: Board Meeting

August 11: General Meeting

August 20: Board Meeting

September 8: General Meeting

September 17: Board Meeting

October 6: General Meeting

October 22: Boarding Meeting

November 10: Annual General Meeting / Elections

November 19: Boarding Meeting

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