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February 2014 - Yard of the Month

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5605 Vickery is a star. The grand old Prairie house has been seen in a Chase commercial and TV episodes. Built in 1911 as the first house in Vickery Place, it has been home to Bill and Alison Silliman since 2006. They live there with their two daughters, three rescue Dachshunds and a colony of ladybugs that dwell within the walls.

Ask a Silliman to name a favorite part of the house and the unanimous response is the front porch. In summer, ferns hang from the eaves and are maintained for sometimes well into December by an intricate irrigation system that runs almost invisibly across the porch and into each hanging basket and decorative pot.

In winter, pansies are planted in borders and pots. Along with well-placed daisies and ornamental grasses, they bring color and texture to the yard. Pansies are a winter favorite for southern gardeners. Best planted six weeks before the first frost, they will thrive in enriched soil with hearty applications of fertilizer every two weeks. These ‘monkey faces’, as they are sometimes called, love to be picked.

Bill hails from Indiana and perhaps it is his Midwestern fortitude that saw him after a recent frost fighting to save the live oak tree in his greenway. The ice had cemented the limbs to the street where they were bent and frozen. Applying water and hours of time, Bill was able to unstick the tree and save it. That alone warrants a prize.

Congratulations Alison and Bill. As with every Yard of the Month Award, North Haven Gardens is donating a $50 gift card.


May 2012 Yard of the Month

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Sarah Mundy and Ame Barrier have been the proud owners of 5444 Richard Avenue since the summer of 2005. Since purchasing the Craftsman bungalow, the couple has made many improvements to the home and the property. The yard is one of the most striking on the street due to the sheer volume of the plants and appeal of the home. The entire front yard is practically area. The beds are absolutely brimming with pink, magenta, yellow and Joseph’s Coat roses. In the center of the yard stands a forest pansy red bud with it’s deep rusty red heart shaped leaves. Under the red bud there are purple salvia, native grasses and zinnias. Next to the front porch you’ll see a long hedge of yellow St. Johns wort with its fringed flowers. Other notable plants that lend to the dark and bright contrast in the beds are a purple fringe plant and a prominent white Acanthus plant (also known as bear’s breeches) in full bloom. A visitor would almost certainly be forced to brush up against the many fragrant blooms to get to the porch, and what a lovely way to be greeted! Sarah and Ame will be awarded with a $50 gift card to North Haven Gardens and, by the looks of their yard, it will be put to good use!

April 2012

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Angie and Juan Ramos' home at 5422 Belmont catches your eye the moment you are on the block.  The periwinkle blue 1921 Craftsman bungalow cannot be ignored partly because of the vibrant and cheerful paint color and partly because of the lush front yard.  The Ramos family has owned the home for 37 years and during that time they have landscaped the yard  much in the way that you remember your granny's yard was planted--not landscaped in a deliberate way but filled with the flowers and plants that the gardener loves.  In the center of the yard stands a Texas Mountain Laurel ready to bloom its lilac colored, droopy blooms.  Surrounding the Laurel are beds that are brimming with dark grape,  powder blue and lavender irises.  Larkspur pop out between every plant, some blooming a delicate baby pink and blue and some a striking purple hue.  Bee and butterfly attracting plants abound, including pink cone flower, purple verbena, red and white salvia and yellow snap dragons.  The main anchors of the garden are the huge pink rose arbor at the front walk with fragrant antique roses already in full bloom and a white Kousa dogwood tree to the right of the house.  This garden has an old fashioned feel that fits perfectly with the house and the neighborhood and makes you want to sit on porch with a lemonade and watch the bees and butterflies go about their business.  The homeowners will be awarded with a $50 gift card from North Haven Gardens so they can continue to beautify their yard through the summer.

March 2012

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John Paul Russell moved into his circa 1923 brick home at 5253 Richard Avenue several years ago and immediately started his renovations on the kitchen, bathroom and exterior.  When John Paul married his wife Stacie last April she made the garden her project.  This winter, the couple took advantage of the unseasonably warm and spring-like weather and planted numerous purple, white and green curly leafed ornamental kale, hundreds of pansies, azaleas, and Italian cypress trees.  The flowering kale and pansies are thriving from the balmy winter temperatures and are spilling over the stonework that borders the flowerbeds.  The couple looks forward to planting more annuals as the weather continues to improve and spring approaches.  Stacie and John Paul will receive a $50 gift card from North Haven Gardens as their prize. 

Anna Short, Beautification Committee Chair 

The Haunted Halloween Houses of Vickery Place!

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Halloween is always a fun time of the year, in any neighborhood. November's Yard of the Month features a house with an impressive Halloween display! We shall have more details on the Yard of the Month later...

But for now, enjoy the Haunted Halloween Houses of Vickery Place!!

September 2011

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Michael Oppedisano moved to Vickery Place a year ago because he loved the location and mixture of old and new homes.  The young energy combined with the history of long-time residents is a good fit for him.  He labels his yard, “a work in progress”, as a hobby.

Michael selected and planted the landscape as well as the stone boarders. In the current heat wave, he dutifully hand waters his work that exhibits Japanese maples, elephant ears, holly, petunias, potted palms and mini rose trees.  His next projects include adding more colorful flowers, perennials that will be better draught tolerant and building stone steps in his walk-way.

In thanks for Michael’s devotion to his yard, he will receive a $25 gift card compliments of North Haven Gardens. Fast Fames will provide a complimentary frame for the Yard of the Month

August 2011

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Robin Merricks was moving to Dallas from Denver and was lucky to have a friend who owns a house Vickery Place that needed residents. She coordinated with Diane Goldwin to share the charming 5411 home and moved in – in February of this year and could not be more pleased. Together they “worked hard at it” to covert the front yard into Yard of the Month class. They picked a mixture of flowers in colors they liked featuring marigolds and lantanas framed with boxwoods. Robin noted that they tend to buy what appeals to them while at the nursery. She also stated with enthusiasm that they “…absolutely love it [Vickery Place]; the friendly people and accessibility to everything.” In thanks for giving us access to their well groomed yard Robin and Diane will receive a $25 gift card from North Haven Gardens.

July 2011

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Andy and Debbie Simurda chose to live in Vickery Place in 2006 because of the convenient location (and distance from Canada), ability to walk to places and character of the neighborhood. The house was already landscaped when they bought it. They moved some of the existing plants and added new ones over the years, including the thriving roses. Andy modestly says that “trim” is the key to maintaining their lush greenery over the years and seasons. The Simurdas offered that Vickery Place is “a great neighborhood with good neighbors and good gardens that make it all the more pleasant to enjoy.” For their contribution to the beautification of Vickery Place, the Simurdas will receive a $25 gift card from North Haven Gardens. Fast Fames will provide a complimentary frame for the Yard of the Month certificate.

~ Carrie Camin, Beautification Committee Chair

June 2011

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Three years ago Rob Hauser and Felix Rivera were looking for a craftsman home with pool in a neighborhood reminiscent of the neighborhoods of their pasts in established cities like Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis and found success in Vickery Place.  Rob said, “I like the diversity and craftsman style homes of the neighborhood.”  He also noted the gentrification of the area in homes being improved as well as community restaurants and shops. Felix added that he appreciates Vickery Place’s “charming” quality. Their front yard features ferns, impatiens, azaleas and robust hydrangeas. They only change out the impatiens annually and the other plants come back every year due to regular care.


In thanks for their lovely yard they will receive a $25 gift card courtesy of North Haven Gardens, Vickery Place YOM sponsor. 

~ Carrie Camin, Beautification Committee 

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