The Libertine Bar's Beer Pairing Dinner

posted Feb 29, 2012, 9:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 1:57 AM ]
The Libertine Bar, just one block off the southern boundary of Vickery Place, has been one of the trendiest watering holes around for a couple of years already. On any night of the week, you'll be hard pressed NOT to bump into a Vickery Place neighbor / drunkard, enjoying the latest local craft beer special and gastropub fare.

Once a month, the Libertine hosts a beer tasting dinner: a five course gastronomic spectacular involving a featured brewery. Tonight, it was the Deep Ellum Brewing Company featured, with 5 hand selected beers paired with 5 courses.

First up was a tempura Croque Monsieur with raspberry thyme reduction, paired with Festivus Black Ale. Wow... and this was the first course? This was a real ass-kicker. How are we going to survive an additional 4 courses? This was just about enough for the whole evening!

Second course featured a spicy Cioppino with rosemary foccacia bread, paired with IPA. And what an IPA this was... can you say hoppy? Can you say bitter? 

But the most intense and darkest brew of the night came with the next course. A Barley and pomegranate salad with derby sage cheese and smoke walnuts, paired with The Darkest Hour. Only the manliest of men at our table could finish the entire glass, of this intense imperial stout. A brutish, savage brew.

The main dish of the evening featured a tasty wild boar duo of braised boar chop and house made sausage over local mustard greens and a sweet cipollini onion jus, paired with Rye Pils. This time the beer choice complimented the food, which led this dance. My favorite of the evening.

Finally, dessert. Wait.... which was the dessert.... the rhubarb raspberry goat cheese trifle, or the Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout? I vote the latter. The combination worked, it really did.

Another happy and tipsy evening spent at The Libertine. And just a short stumble back home to Vickery Place.