Sign Toppers


We are very excited to announce that we have finally completed the design and approval process with the City of Dallas for the new sign toppers to be installed throughout Vickery Place.  In order to completely cover every intersection in our neighborhood, we will need an estimated 85 sign toppers.  After the cost of fabrication, tax, and paying city employees to install them, each topper will cost us approximately $120.  Although we have raised a large amount of funds to cover these costs for many of the toppers, we have not reached the amount that we need.

Therefore, we are offering the chance for Vickery Place neighbors to 'sponsor a corner'.  If you are interested in contributing to  the fund for the sign toppers, please consider contributing $120 or more to the Vickery Place Neighborhood Association through the contribution button in the Neighborhood Store page.  Additionally, if you contribute $240 or more, we will send you your very own sign topper for your personal display.  Of course, you may opt not to receive the topper and donate the additional dollars, but the option is available to you. 

Remember that all donations to VPNA are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Visit the Neighborhood Store page to donate today!

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed your donation, please send an email to to ensure that donations funds are earmarked for the sign topper fund.