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VPNA February General Meeting

posted Feb 6, 2012, 9:24 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 6, 2012, 9:46 AM by Vickery Place ]
At our February monthly meeting, Bonnie Bradshaw of 911Wildlife (www.911Wildlife.com), a local Texas company specializing in humane residential and commercial animal removal, will tell us all about the “other” residents who call Vickery Place home.

Did you know:

Coyotes, foxes and raccoons flourish in urban neighborhoods like ours and are more likely to be in greater numbers and in better health than their cousins living “out in the country?”

Trapping and relocating wild animals does not usually work?

An urban fox only weighs around eight pounds and an urban coyote about 20 pounds?

There have been no recent reports of foxes, coyotes or raccoons carrying rabies in our North Texas region?

And what about the “dangerous” side of foxes and coyotes – should we worry about the safety of our family and our pets?

This past November, NBC Channel 5 ran a headline catching story “Cats Mutilated in Dallas Neighborhood” with the byline stating “Neighbors believe foxes are responsible for pet deaths in Lakewood.” According to Bonnie Bradshaw, foxes and coyotes are most likely being falsely accused! But that does not mean they can’t be dangerous.

Please come join us at the General Meeting on February 9th, at 7pm at Vickery Towers and learn the three ways we can safely and effectively discourage unwanted and possibly dangerous wild animals from calling Vickery Place home.