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Inside the Man Cave!

posted Jul 4, 2011, 10:06 AM by Vickery Place
How many people have wondered what is going to appear in that room above the garage? A theater with a full bar, that's what! In the photo below you can see the framing for the screen... Look carefully and you can make out the frame for what is going to be a Stewart Filmscreen Director's Choice 2.0. This one will have a maximum viewing area of 160" by 80", with vertical and horizontal masking to choose any ratio between 1.33:1 (original TV aspect ratio) and 2.35:1 (CinemaScope widescreen). The speakers will be built in behind the screen... and down at the floor level there will be five subwoofers.

This is a view of the rear of the theater complex.... There will be a full bar at the back. To the left will be a restroom, and to the right, an equipment room. And you can also see a place for a sixth subwoofer on the right. All the speakers in the room (7 speakers and 6 subwoofers) will be hidden from view. The AC unit is above the bar, and suspended from the ceiling so that it does not impart any vibrations or noise to the projector mount. The size of this room is quite impressive, with the highest point of the ceiling being 15' high.