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Finishing the last of the wiring

posted Jul 16, 2011, 5:28 AM by Vickery Place
The last couple of weeks have consisted of finishing the wiring in the house. We are using Cat 6a STP (solid core) ethernet cable, which should be good for 10 gigabit network speeds. Of course, we are going to have a robust wireless network throughout, but you can't beat hardwired network speeds, especially when we're talking about distributed 1080p video and high resolution lossless audio. The two buildings are connected with an underground PVC pipe for future wiring options, along with the cables we have already added (multiple Cat 6a runs, along with a couple coax runs for good measure). There are several locations for networked security cameras too (power over ethernet versions). In the photo below, you can also see the speaker cable (12 gauge) for the whole house audio, all coming back to a central location.

The home theater is now also wired and ready for action. In this room, we are using 10 gauge speaker cable throughout. Each of the front channels has 3 sets of speaker cable (connected to 3 monoblocks EACH), for a total of nine speaker cables to the front area behind the screen. There are also two runs of XLR balanced audio cables for the two LFE subwoofers on each side. And of course ethernet cable for control options and future uses. We took pains to keep the cables apart as much as possible, and of course crossing power lines at right angles if we absolutely have to.