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Terilli's reopens tonight!

posted Sep 2, 2011, 9:15 PM by Vickery Place
Terilli's re-opened tonight, for the first time since the tragic fire devoured our beloved commercial block of Greenville Avenue on March 2, 2010. Traffic was much heavier than usual, as a lot more people than usual came out to see what was going on, to the restaurants and bars, or simply to cruise lower Greenville Avenue. Although the official opening was tonight, complete with TV crews on hand for live broadcasts, Vickery Place residents noticed that the restaurant seemed to be open yesterday too, perhaps a soft open with invited guests only. Terilli's is the only restaurant that has survived the fire; the other two restaurants in the block are new faces. Dodi's Reef has been opened for several months now (having taken over the spot of The Hurricane Grill), and the Korean Barbecue themed Rohst has been open for almost as long. However, the re-opening of Terilli's has been the event that everyone has been eagerly awaiting.

After the devastating fire, Vickery Place residents came out to join others in placing flowers on the fence barricade around the disaster scene.

And the scene tonight, with a TV crew under the crescent moon....

Live Jazz has returned to the block!!

At the other end of the block, Dodi's Reef was as popular as ever.