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St. Pat's – Important Info for this Wednesday through Saturday

posted Mar 12, 2012, 8:40 PM by Mark Rieves   [ updated Mar 14, 2012, 1:49 PM ]
The annual St. Pat's parade and block party is coming this Saturday, March 17th, 2012.  This event has a major impact on our neighborhood with tens of thousands of people coming into the neighborhood for the event itself and for the hundreds of house parties hosted by neighborhood residents.  Below is additional important information you need to know.

Thursday, March 15th

No Parking signs installed: The City has designated 'No Parking' areas with signs placed generally on the north side of Vickery Place streets. The signs will be installed this Thursday, but they do not go into effect until Saturday, March 17th
St Pats No Parking and Street Closures
Saturday - St. Patrick’s Day – Day of the Event

No Parking: 10am - 10pm.  Remove your car from the NORTH side of the street before 10am and please remind your neighbors to do the same. Cars parked in violation of the no-parking plan on Saturday will be towed. There will be no exception for residents.

No Parking Enforcement:  Dallas parking patrol will be on duty from 9am-2am. Four tow trucks will be queued to tow according to the following priority: blocked intersections, blocked driveways, no parking zones.

Block Party Time: 10am-7pm on Greenville Ave. between Vanderbilt and Vickery. Streets close 9am-8pm. Street sales of alcohol at the event end 6:30pm or earlier if Dallas Police Department (DPD) deems necessary.

Police Presence:
  • The DPD command post will be at Robert E. Lee Elementary school (Matilda & Goodwin) and they will have a observation post on top of Stan's Blue Note.
  • 9am-8pm: 59 officers at event site and 42 officers conducting neighborhood patrols. 
  • 8pm-3am: 24 officers along Greenville north of Belmont and 18 officers patrolling the neighborhood (all paid by sponsor). Additional on-duty patrol throughout day and evening.
  • DWI: This is a “No-Refusal” weekend and driving under the influence will be strictly enforced.  During this initiative officers will secure a search
    warrant for a blood sample from all persons arrested for DWI who refuse to voluntarily
    give a breath and/or blood sample.

Shuttles: Shuttle from Mockingbird Station to Lee Elementary. No alcohol or coolers allowed on shuttles. Two DART officers will be at Station to monitor.

Alcohol: No alcohol may be brought into event. Police DWI squad will patrol and arrest for DWI. Large "Don't Drink and Drive" signs will be posted. Taxi stands will be on Greenville.

Other: Block Party is 21+ only and IDs will be strictly enforced. City Fire Inspectors will monitor maximum crowd size in the event and buildings. "Respect our Neighborhood" signs will be posted. Code and Parking enforcement will patrol to cite violators. 

Enforcement Issues:

  • Call 911 for police, parking, code, etc. problems.
  • From 9am-2am, police dispatchers will be instructed to forward all calls related to St. Patrick's Day in Lower Greenville to the police command post at Lee Elementary.

House Party Considerations

  • If holding a private party, please take into consideration your neighbors and surrounding citizens. Police, Fire, and Code Enforcement will be enforcing city ordinances.
  • Consider shutting down bands or loud music early, prior to complaints being made. Noise may carry several blocks.
  • No parking is allowed on unimproved surfaces (i.e., your yard or an empty residential lot).
  • If having an outdoor party, consider providing additional restroom facilities.
  • Remind your guests of the “18-foot rule” to avoid an open container citation.  Any open containers should 18 feet away from a public right-of-way. That means 18 feet inside the sidewalk. If they write a citation, the fine is $250. You may carry CLOSED containers without being in violation. So if you are carrying an ice chest to your neighbor’s house, you are ok as long as the contents are unopened.
  • Ensure your guests have safe transportation home. This is a no-refusal weekend and driving under the influence will be strictly enforced.
  • Report any suspicious activity or problem locations to 911.  Remember - if in doubt, ALWAYS CALL!
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