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James B. Bonham elementary

posted May 30, 2012, 8:56 AM by Vickery Place
James B. Bonham Elementary will officially close its doors after 89 years this week. Join us on Thursday, May 31, 3:15 at the flag pole on the east side of the school as the flag is lowered and balloons are released. Then, alumni, friends, and neighbors are invited into the school to tour at their leisure and to come by the library for refreshments. If Bonham has played any part in your life, you'll want to be there.

There is no knowledge that the school will be torn down or sold. We have been told that it will be "moth balled," put away for a time when the school might be needed again. I've been told that while the school property is worth $3.5 million today, there is no other empty property in the area so, if a new school were needed in the future, it would cost much more to have to buy up property that is in use. But, there is no doubt that it will definitely be a while before the school's doors open again, if at all.

I hope to see you at Bonham on Thursday afternoon. It is also the last day of school, so, you might want to arrive early to get a parking space or park on Mission or Homer and walk.

Arlene Colbert
Class of '59