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Is a Bowling Alley Coming to Lower Greenville?

posted Jul 8, 2011, 4:02 PM by Vickery Place   [ updated Jul 22, 2011, 8:23 AM ]

According to The Advocate, the proposal is for a retro-style bowling alley modeled after Brooklyn Bowl

Brooke Humprhies, owner of Barcadia and Beauty Bar, is proposing a retro-style bowling alley at Lewis and Greenville

The Dallas Plan Commission considered Humphries’s plan for the bowling alley in a meeting Thursday. Businesses on that part of Lower Greenville must get a special use permit to operate past midnight. And several neighborhood groups oppose such a permit for the bowling alley/restaurant/bar, which would take two buildings owned by Madison Partners. One is the old Regal Beagle, which most recently operated as Lucky’s Road House. And the other, adjacent building, most recently housed Watel’s World Piece Cafe.

Neighbors say the area already has too many bars, which cause crime and parking problems. But the business would need to stay open past midnight to recoup a $1 million investment, a Madison Partners representative said.

The plan commission decided to defer a decision until its July 21 meeting.

Update! The City Plan Commission votes NOT to approve SUP for the proposed Greenville Ave Bowling Alley. See the Dallas Observer Blog posting for details. What this means is that the CPC has recommended that the proposed Bowling Alley not be allowed to stay open past Midnight. This issue will now go before the city council.

The zoning for this Lowest Greenville area was changed earlier this year. According to the ordinance, the purpose of this district is "... to ensure the compatibility of uses with adjacent residential neighborhoods and to reduce the incidence of crime by discouraging an over-proliferation of regional-serving, late-night venues."

The nearby Neighborhood Associations feel that the Bowling Alley as currently proposed does not meet this new zoning standard.