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Flores Family Collection - Final Results

posted Jan 11, 2012, 9:16 AM by Mark Rieves

The Flores Family is very grateful for all the support they have received and they send a great big "thanks" to everyone!


The Flores Family in the 5300 Block of Miller Avenue experienced a devastating fire the morning of December 13, 2011.  Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.  The fire started around 5:30 that morning.  

The Flores were dog-sitting a cousin’s Maltese terrier.  It was this tiny dog who awoke one of the Flores ladies by jumping on her chest and scratching her.  Once awake, she was able to rouse the others in the home and they were all able to escape.  As the fire grew, the flames hit an oxygen tank (prescribed for one of the family members). 

Today the 6 residents of the home are staying with various relatives throughout the city.  Their goal is to stay in Vickery Place as it will enable their youngest daughter, Natalie, to stay at North Dallas High.  Plus, the huge outpouring of support has endeared Vickery Place more than ever to the family. 

Vickery Place NA gathered gifts for the Flores family from our neighborhood, sister neighborhoods, former VP residents and North Dallas High.  To-date these gifts total almost $5200 plus clothing, home products (detailed list below).  Special thanks to:

  • Claire Oliver and the staff and students of North Dallas High whose own collection brought in almost $800 of cash/gift cards. 
  • Our sister neighborhoods including Belmont Area Conservation District and Lakewood
  • Danny Linn and former Vickery Place residents
  • Tom Henderson of Downing Hill
  • Ken Lampton
  • Linda Mitchell
  • Patrick & Melissa Angel
  • Vickery Place Cook Book, Shelia Huffman & Kathy Harris
  • North Dallas High alumni

And a most special thanks to the residents of Vickery Place for sharing whatever they can with a family very much in need!

Collection Effort - Final Results

Cash / Gift Cards Received:

  • Checks, cash, and online contributions totaling $3,200
  • Gift cards for Kroger, WalMart, etc. totaling $1,065
  • North Dallas High School collection of $800 in cash and a gift card

Gifts Received:

  • Notebook computer
  • Food Stuffs – assorted canned goods and pantry items
  • Paper products paper towel (single roll), shop clothes (1 box), paper plates (2 stacks), foil, wax paper, bathroom tissue (2x12 pack), foil pans (2)
  • Toiletries – shampoo (3), soap (8), razor (3), shaving cream (1), men’s lotion (1), deodorant (2), Q tips, scented body lotion (4), toothpaste (3), hair brushes (2), toothbrushes (8)
  • Linens – pillow (1 large, 2 throw), sheet, blanket (1), afghans (2), towels (6), place mats (10) 
  • Housewares – 10-piece cutlery set (in wood case), small dinner set, disposable plastic containers, waffle maker 
  • Clothing – warm sweaters (5), 1 men’s t-shirt, assorted shoes; Vickery Place T Shirts (5), ladies tops (20), ladies pants (2), mens fleece (1), mens oxford shirt (1), mens slacks (3), Uniform Shirts for Natalie, ladies ‘as new’ winter coat