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Crime Watch & Helpful Links

posted Sep 19, 2013, 4:49 PM by Mark Rieves   [ updated Sep 19, 2013, 4:55 PM ]

During our September general meeting, Officer Camacho, Officer Le and Officer McIntire, members of the Dallas Police Department’s Neighborhood Policing Team, discussed crime trends in our neighborhood, educated us on various crime reducing and fighting tips, and recommended many online tools and resources. 

The number one crime in our neighborhood is “Burglary of a Motor Vehicle” (BMV) where thieves break into parked cars and steal items such as cell phones, purses, bags, GPS equipment, and laptops.  The police strongly recommend NOT parking on the street and “LOCK (your car) – TAKE (your keys) – HIDE (your belongings)”.  In fact, our officers even recommend not leaving smart phone cables and power cords visible because thieves see them and assume there’s a smart phone or GPS in your car.

Once again, the police stressed over and over how much they need us to call 911 when we see suspicious activity in our neighborhood!  Suspicious activity can be a car that is slowly circling the block, someone peeking in car windows as they walk down the street, or someone loitering around a house/sidewalk/alley.  If in doubt, CALL 911!

Here are some very helpful online resources and tools:

Dallas Police - Central Patrol’s Facebook Page:

Dallas Police - Central Patrol’s crime watch websiteWWW.CEpatrolcrimewatch.ORG

Dallas Police Department’s Neighborhood Police Team information

Neighborhood Guard:  An Oakland, CA-based community organization that promotes “Organizing Neighborhoods to fight crime with Cameras and other means.”  They have excellent video surveillance camera information – what to buy, where to place, how to install, etc. and how to tie them into a shared community resource for fighting crime. – A Dallas Police Department Internet site and smartphone app that enables citizens to report crime tips and leads

(1)    Smartphone app for iPhone and Android:

(2)    Website tool:

RAIDS Online:  Website and smartphone app that compiles crime data and allows you to view each incident on a map.  You can sign up and receive a free crime report via email each day for an area that you specifiy. 

Nextdoor   A Facebook-like app that is aimed at neighborhood residents and therefore has more security controls.  This may be a good application in which to run our VPNA crime watch activities!